How do I book with you?

That’s the easy part!  Just give us a call at 910.762.8851 so that we can take some information from you and get you a contract.


Can we choose our own music?

Absolutely, we have a massive digital music collection that we update constantly. Your music will be a reflection of your day and your personality.


Can you help me with the order of events at my reception?

Of Course!  That is what we are here for.  This may be your first wedding, but we have done thousands!  We are more than happy to help with these sorts of things!


You say that you tailor the music at our event to our tastes ….. how do you do that?

By using the reception planner we send you, it gives us the opportunity to see some of your musical preferences prior to your event.  In addition to that, your DJ will contact you on the Monday prior to your event to go over all of the fine details including your musical preferences!


How many songs should I pick to be played at my reception?

It is wise to pick just a few songs from each genre of music so that we can get a general idea of your musical preferences.  By not specifying all of your music, it leaves your DJ a little leeway to be able to be sure that ll of your guests are properly entertained.


Do You Take Requests?

Certainly, we are more than happy to take requests at your event assuming it is not inappropriate or music from your Do Not Play List.


How do I know if you still have availability for my date?

That’s easy!  Just give us a call!  We are always here to answer your questions and help in any way that we can.  This isn’t a part time thing for us.  We concentrate, day in and day out, on providing you with the best most inclusive service possible!


Will I be able to talk to the DJ handling my event prior to the day of my event?

Absolutely!  Our DJ will contact you on the Monday prior to your event so that the two of you can cover the details of your event.  Of course you can always contact us at the office with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your event.  We love to help!


Can I request a particular DJ for my event?

You certainly can!  A request costs absolutely nothing!  If you would like to GUARANTEE a particular DJ, there is a 20% guarantee fee that should be paid along with your deposit.